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How to contact Troop 2?

Not a member of Troop 2 

For questions or comments about Troop 2 please contact one of the two names below.
 Position Member  Cell Email
 Scoutmaster Eric Strasser       847-863-2700 scoutmaster@troop2.com
 Committee Chair Stuart McCowan  847-533-7147 committeechair@troop2.com

Member of Troop 2

If you are a member of Troop 2, first contact your Patrol Leader (PL) or Senior Patrol Leader (SPL). If you still have a question contact an adult at one of the meetings or use the contact information below.

 Position Member  Cell Email
 Scoutmaster Eric Strasser  847-863-2700 scoutmaster@troop2.com
 Committee Chair Stuart McCowan  847-533-7147 committeechair@troop2.com
 Advancement Chair Brian Meyers  815-601-1713 advancements@troop2.com
 Community ServiceMike Lawson  630-479-8416 mlawson0378@gmail.com
 Eagle Coach Eric Strasser             847-863-2700 eagle.coach@troop2.com
 Training TBD   
 Webmaster Greg Ehmann  630-267-6407 webmaster@troop2.com