What would Boy Scouts be without camping. Every month Troop 2 goes camping for a total of about 30 nights a year. All campouts typically begin and end at St John's and includes a predefined program with goals for advancement or merit badge work. The Scouts will do their own cooking and can even provide the night's entertainment. See where we are going next in the list below! Or check out where we have been on the Gallery page.


See Mrs Werrbach at a Monday meeting with your camping fee and a signed permission slip to register for the months campout. All permission slips and CASH for each campout are due two weeks in advance, unless otherwise stipulated. This will allow time to create patrols, create menus and for the "thrifty" scouts to go shopping. You must pay in cash because the money taken in is immediately given back out to the boys to do their shopping. Paying by check for campouts is not allowed. Please, plan ahead and "Be Prepared!" We don't want anybody to miss out on a campout.


Check the calendar for exact dates, times and locations.