Items Required on a Campout

Below is a list of items to review prior to a campout. As a Troop we travel to and from the campout in full Class A Boy Scout uniform so arrive at the departure location in uniform. "Be Prepared"!

Personal gear

  • Uniform (shirt, neckerchief, pants or shorts, belt & socks)

  • Scout handbook

  • Notebook & pen

  • Flashlight (with batteries)

  • Pocket knife (must have earned Totin' Chip card)

  • Compass / whistle

  • Watch

  • Water bottle (refillable, non disposable)

Camp gear

  • Sleeping bag, should be of good quality and of a temperature rating suitable for expected temperatures

  • Sleeping mat or blanket for additional ground insulation.

  • Pillow

  • Backpack and/or Duffel Bag, use resealable plastic bags to keep items dry

  • Day pack

Toilet kit

  • Toothbrush & toothpaste

  • Comb

  • Deodorant

  • Soap & Shampoo

  • Towel

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Sunscreen, lip balm

  • Medications (handed to the Medical adult at start of trip)

Camper Clothing (please remember to pack extra clothing/footwear if rain is forecasted)

  • Socks (plus 1 extra pair)

  • Shirt (plus 1 extra)

  • Pants or shorts (most scouts live in their scout pants/shorts during camping trips)

  • Sleeping shorts or sweats

  • Underwear (& long johns if cold)

  • Swimsuit & towel (if swimming is planned)

  • Hiking boots or other appropriate footwear - not that you MUST wear boots if hiking, and organized camps like the klondike derby require them

  • Second pair of gym shoes

  • Windbreaker, jacket or winter coat (depending on the weather)

  • Rain poncho or other appropriate outerwear (can be inexpensive light plastic)

  • Hat (covering your ears when cold) and (if necessary) gloves

  • When cool weather avoid cotton, use polyester and wool instead. Dress in layers.

Mess kit (Need only for backpacking)

  • Cup or mug, plastic or insulated, used for water, soup, hot chocolate.

  • Bowl / plate / knife / fork / spoon

Optional Items

  • Camp chair

  • Cards, non electronic games or books

  • Fishing equipment

  • Sunglasses

  • Money (summer camp or other special event)

NO electronics (we are there to enjoy the outdoors and each others company) - cell phones, radios, ipods etc. If brought they will be returned at the conclusion of the trip.

NO food in tents, refrain from bringing personal snacks to reduce the interaction with wildlife.

Rantings from a Retired Scoutmaster!

After spending this last campout with you guys, making some of my usual observations, I have come to realize that sadly some things never change. As most of you who have camped with me for any period of time know, that I am a stickler for working "The Scout Motto", which is BE PREPARED!! AGAIN, I will share some of my thoughts

with you ... hoping and praying that some of you WILL GET IT!!!

Observations on warmth and comfort. This is WINTER, I know it's hard to believe, but the temps are falling, snow will be flying, and no one cares about fashion when your cold and miserable, just warmth and comfort!!!! Trust me, if you're cold and miserable because you are not prepared .. .I will not feel your pain!!

  1. No more ankle socks!!!! No more Gym Shoes, except for indoor use only. Your girlfriend is not here to see your bony ankles that you thing are sexy. You need to pack heavy socks that come half way up yo lower leg, at least two pair.

  2. Boots: not the character on Dora the Explorer. I mean winter, warm, WATER PROOF boots. Several plastic bags from Jewel, you can put you feet in the bags and they will stray dry.

  3. A hat: a winter hat that covers yo ears. NO baseball hats, NO hooded sweatshirts used as hats only.

  4. Long Underwear: enough said.

  5. A turtle neck shirt, or a scarf, or a piece of material to put around yo neck to keep the wind and cold off.

  6. Gloves or mittens, at least two pair, cause yous guys loose them!!!!!

  7. Leggings: these can be made from an old woolen blanket. Simple to make and take up no room in yo pack.

  8. A woolen blanket: besides using it to increase the warmth of yo sleeping bag, you can fashion a "Match Coat" out of it with a couple of blanket pins in case you coat is not warm enough. Woolen blanket=TraderJohns or the Thrift Store. Blanket Pins-Walmart or JoAnn Fabrics.

  9. A warm winter coat.


Clothes packed just for sleeping in:

  1. A warm hooded sweat shirt.

  2. One pair of heavy socks. If you keep you feet and head warm, much of everything else will stay warm.

  3. Warm sweat pants.

  4. A plastic ground cloth to act as a moisture barrier.

  5. A sleeping pad or three sheep skins.

  6. A warm mummy style sleeping bag.

  7. (Most Important) A WOOLEN BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!

Pack all your stuff in plastic-to keep it dry and put your name on everything you bring!!!!!!!!!

I hope this is helpful, if not, shivering increases blood flow and will increase a measure of warmth.

Mike Terese